Theme cat trees

If our natural scratching trees are not yet individual enough for you? Here are our theme cat trees. Everyone has hobbies or interests which you identify yourself with. So why dont to include your interests to your new cat scratching tree?

We pay much attention to details on our cat trees. In coorperation with you, we work out the concept and final appearance of your new scratching tree. Film, hobby or soccer club. We also will find an awesome design for your theme cat tree!


Our pirates cat tree


Who knows this pirate?


Piratenkratzbaum mit tollen Versteckmöglichkeiten
Sleeping berth in the crow´s nest of the pirate cat tree


Details unserer Themenkratzbäume
We love details


Schatzkiste und Rumfass am Piratenkratzbaum
Every pirate needs a treasure chest and a rum barrel

If you need more informations about the theme cat trees, please contact us.