Food bar for cats

As different as the cats' characters are, so are their food bowl preferences.
Food bars for cats -  Selection of our Luxus-Tiger food bars
One eats while standing, the other eats while sitting or even lying down. Our food bars enable your four-legged friends to eat their food in a comfortable position.

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Replace bowl for foodbars - ASA Selection round 10cm black
5,90 EUR
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Why use a food bar?

Food bars and feeding bowls with an elevated position not only offer your cat a more comfortable position when eating. The attractive appearance and high-quality equipment of our food bars is always a pleasure for you as a cat owner.
We often make food bars for sick animals that find it difficult to lower their heads to eat. So why not support your loved one with this too?
Our recommendation: Test at which height your cat feels most comfortable while eating. Simply place something under your existing food bowl and easily try out different heights. We would also be happy to manufacture your food bar individually according to your wishes.

Which feeding bowl is the right one?

Feeding bar made of natural wood with two feeding bowls for cats. The material of the feed bar is oak.

When choosing our feeding bowls we pay attention to two things:

  1. No deep bowls. The fine whiskers of your four-legged companions are very sensitive. With deep bowls, cats can find it very unpleasant to constantly bump their whiskers against the edge of the bowl. A shallow feeding bowl without high edges is also recommended for cat breeds with flat faces.
  2. The design! It's not just your cat that should be happy about a new food bowl. Make yourself happy with an attractive look. Noble wooden design and fine ceramics combine to create an elegant design.

Nature-Line Foodbars

Food bars for cats with 1,2 or 3 bowls in differnt sizes.
We make our Nature-Line feeding bars, as well as the scratching and sleeping trees, from natural wood trunks and branches. Here, too, you can choose individually between different feeding bowls. We will then manufacture your feed bar individually according to your specifications. When you purchase one of our scratching posts, we can also make you a food bar that matches your natural scratching post.

For hygiene reasons, the surfaces of the natural wood trunks in our Nature-Line food bars are also sealed. Something often goes wrong during the hectic hustle and bustle at the food bowl. To clean the wooden surfaces, simply use a damp cotton cloth. Standing water should be avoided as it can penetrate the wood after a long period of time despite the sealing. The wood sealing used by CLOU is of course “saliva-proof”. and also approved for children's toys. This means there is no danger for your furry friends if they continue to eat next to the bowl.