Natural cat trees and sleeping trees

We are pleased about your interest in our natural cat trees and sleeping trees. Gladly, we would like to deliver you insight into our Luxus-Tiger products. For detailed information about our materials, prices, shippinginformations and many more have a look at the information tab. As well we would like to recommend you our guidebook “how to find the right cat tree” (coming soon in english translation).

Exklusiver Naturkratzbaum mit Carbon

Scratching tree with carbon fibre sleeping berth


The design of our natural scratching trees

Formed and branded by wind and weather. This is how we find our jeweles! However, it´s always the same light bulb moment if you found it. Your next favorite tree.

A true rough diamond lies in front of your foot, amongst the undergrowth. It takes a lot of work to carry these pieces from the forest to our work shop. But now, most of the work is still ahead of us. Decorticate and examine the future natural cat tree.

Now we have to prepare everything for the long drying phase. Oft it´s hard to wait that long time. But in the end the tree is ready it is time for the final work. The fine grinding.

Which branches are well, which one must be removed. Where do the cats need by an additional branch? Does the cat has health problems or should the new cat tree be an real challenge for the young cat? Many questions musst be answered. Many requirements must be fulfilled!

Kratzbaum - Naturkratzbaum mit Carbonschlafschalen
Scratch tree with 2 carbon fibre sleeping berths

Primarily our natural scratching trees were made to order. So we are able to agree to the requirements of your cat and your personal design wishes.

Which design do you wish? A white high gloss lacquered ground plate that fits to furniture? Or rather a veneer fitting to the tree. Should it be a Grenadill or Pallisander veneer? Or rather a granite base plate? Letterings or the name of your cat as inlay work? That´s all no problem with Luxus-Tiger. Our requirement is to built your wish – natural scratching tree.

Luxus-Tiger is part of the brand appeArt. So we have access to the entire repertoire of individualizations which are available by appeArt.


Nature meets High-Tech

The most outstanding characteristic of our natural scratching trees is the combination of pure natural wood with the high-tech material carbon fibre. Here we can contribute our experience with this material to the manufacturing of our scratching trees. Carbon fibre offers us unique possibilities to built our cat sleeping places and caves very filigree and completely free in design. Carbon fibre is 4 times more stable than steel! Our sleeping places are directly handlaminated on your new natural cat tree. This means a high amount of time, but also brings several advantages.

  • absolutly free in designing the sleeping places
  • additional stabilization of smaller branches, which makes the design more filigree
  • Unique design (merging of carbon fibre and wood )

In addition, we also offer our cat trees without sleeping places, as pure play and climbing oases.


Our wood

You dont know where to go next weekend? Just visit the “birthplace” of your Luxus-Tiger natural scratching tree. Each of our trees carries the exact geo-tracking data on its base plate. Your new cat tree will become a wooden jewelery for your home.

The most of our trees were grown in the forests of the Bayersichen Staatsforsten.

Our natural scratching trees are basically decorticated. On request we also delivere our cat trees with bark. But after some months your cats will decorticate the scratching tree themselves.

Wood veneer

The veneer for the steps and base plates were also produced in Germany. All our woods were produced environmentally sustainable (FSC certified timber).


Exklusives Kratzbaumdesign
Base plate with geotracking data. Here you can see were your scratching tree has been grown

Only our base plates are coated with wood seal. This is necessary to protect the high-quality veneers. However, you dont have to worry about your cats. The wood seal of “Clou” used by us is also approved for children’s toys. In according to your wishes we also use wood oil or wax instead of the wood seal. In any case, the natural scratching tree above the base plate is much more interesting for small and large tigers.


Design solutions for your rooms

Doesn´t matter if 15m² apartment or 200m² loft. We have the right concept for every room size!

You have small rooms, but still want to offer your cats generous possibilities for climbing? No probleme with our ceiling mounting. It also doesnt need an 2,50m massive cat tree. Cats also love to climb and balance on cupboards and wardrobes.

Give your cats the possibility to do so. Customized cat walks let the smallest living room become a cat paradise.

Of course, such a great climbing paradise can also be realized in larger rooms. Therefor, our big natural cat trees are the perfecte solution. And in addition to a lot of climbing fun, it also can create a completely new ambience and is an absolute eye-catcher.


Deckenhoher Naturkratzbaum
natural cat tree by Luxus-Tiger


Naturkratzbaum von Luxus-Tiger, deckenhoch
hugh scratching tree by Luxus-Tiger


A ceiling-high natural cat tree immediately attract attention. But not only because it´s size! Is it the unexpected look or the unique design that keeps you paused when viewing a hugh scratching tree? If you are looking for something special and unique, you are just right with a Luxus-Tiger natural scratching tree.


Nahaufnahme Aufstiegshilfe auf Schrankwand
Catwalk for young cats – climbers paradise


Wandkletteranlage und Kratzbaum von Luxus-Tiger
Catwalk conects two cupboards


Wandkletteranlage und Kratzbaum von Luxus-Tiger

Wallmounted catwalk



You already have concrete ideas or wishes how your cat tree should look like? Or do you need further advice or inspiration? You can contact us by e-mail or use our contact form. We will contact you immediately.