Wooden cat trees - the paradies for your cat

• stabel stand due to heavy weight

• climbing fun for big cats too

• high-quality and durable materials

• very high quality thanks to 100% handwork

• countless possibilities of customization

Stable, extremely durable and a very appealing appearance. These are just a few advantages that you acquire together with a Luxus-Tiger wooden cat tree. Not only for Main Coon, Bengal or domestic cat. Cats have a pronounced urge to move and loving the view from exposed places. Our cat trees offer your cats a great playground and, of course, wonderfully comfortable places to sleep. The natural wood plays a main role at Luxus-Tiger. In addition to the demands that your cats have, you as a "roommate" shouldn't miss out. Always be aware that a cat tree is also a new piece of furniture that you will see every day.

Ceiling-high wooden cat trees made of ash wood with two lying areas and a climbing rope as cat toy; Base plate with rosewood glaze
cat tree made of natural wood - with two sleeping places - one made of wood and one made of sisal rope
three sleeping areas made this beautiful cat tree an absolute eye catcher. large stone socket provides an very stable stand

Our chief designer is mother nature. Our goal is to change as less as possible to emphasize the beauty of the wood.

link to our request page for customized cat trees

Cat trees - material & design

In addition to the use of natural materials and the optimal benefit for your cat, the design of our wooden cat trees is also very important to us. In coordination with you - our customers - we always plan the wall mounted cat trees and wooden cat trees according to the local conditions and your wishes. The new cat tree should give joy to your four-legged roommates for a long time. Therefore, we attach great importance to durable and high-quality materials.

Wooden cat tree for heavy cats like maine coon with one lying area

We not only use the sisal ropes to cover our cat trees, make the climbing easier for your cat and to create surfaces for sharpening the claws.

Also the production of high-quality climbing ropes and net sleeping areas woven from sisal are some of our specialties.

large ceiling high cat tree for big cats made of beeche wood with a big natural stone slab

In addition to common materials like wood, we also use natural stone and composite materials such as carbon fiber. This enables us to produce very complex lying surfaces which appears to be floating.

The luxury cat tree with a carbon lying surface. cat tree made of pine wood. The heavy base plate with real wood veneer in walnut ensures a stable stand

The way to your new custom made cat tree

Because we primarily manufacture our wooden cat trees on order, we can respond very precisely to the needs of your cats and, of course, to your personal wishes. With individual advice and sketches, we can give you a very precise impression of your new cat tree right from the start of manufacturing.

If you are interested, you can easily contact us.

Custom made wooden cat tree with two lying areas, wall mounting and additional climbing branch. Cat tree made of oak
With this wall mounted cat tree, a climbing paradise can be set up for your cats also with only less space. wall mounted cat tree made of natural wood with two lying areas and additional climbing branches. this cat tree was made for 2 bengal cats

If you don´t have the place for a large cat tree, we would like to show you our wall mounted cat trees.

Link for downloading our information flyer for custome made cat trees. the pdf flyer is in german language
link to our site for advice and inquiries about our cat trees

Luxus-Tiger primarily manufactures wooden cat trees according to the wishes of our customers. Individual and custom-made. Depending on the order situation, we also offer you finished cat trees in our online shop. You are a cat owner and looking for a wooden cat tree for your little tigers? Then, we would be happy to show you our cat trees.

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